Free California Car Bill of Sale

This California Car Bill of Sale is free, as are all of our bill of sale templates. The template is available for free download in both Microsoft Word and PDF. The California Car Bill of Sale documents the transfer of ownership of a used car from one party to another, namely from the Seller to the Buyer. Be sure to check the requirements of your local motor vehicle office. Some states require that the bill of sale be notarized.

California Car Bill of Sale
California Car Bill of Sale

If you sell cars on a regular basis, our free California Car of Sale Form will save you a ton of work. Once you customize the document with your seller information, you can save the template and reuse it for future sales. Simply enter the buyer’s information along with the details of the car being sold, and print the finished bill of sale.

To register a used car in the state of California you will need the following documentation:

  • Title or Application for Title or Registration
  • California Car Bill of Sale
  • The title should include the current odometer reading. If not then you must complete the Odometer Disclosure Statement
  • If the previous owner of the motor vehicle did not renew the smog certificate within the last 90 days and the vehicle is less than 10 years old, you will need to provide a smog certificate if required by the municipality in which you reside
  • Valid form of Identification
  • Proof of auto insurance
  • California Form REG 227 may be required for the current owner if he or she doesn’t have the current title.
  • California Statement of Facts Form 256 may be needed if you wish to claim exemption from the Smog Tax or Use Tax.

The PDF version of the California Car Bill of Sale is a fillable PDF. You can type the required information directly into the form and avoid having to write everything by hand each time you make a sale. In order to use the template as a fillable PDF, you will need PDF reader software installed on your computer or mobile device.

Click the appropriate link below to download the California Car Bill of Sale in either Microsoft Word or fillable PDF. Both versions are free.

California Car Bill of Sale Word

California Car Bill of Sale PDF


We are required to include the following legal disclaimers:

This California Car Bill of Sale was created by a skilled and seasoned businessman, not an attorney or law firm. Most states do not have specific requirements for a bill of sale unless it involves the sale of a motor vehicle, boat, or other property that requires a title issued by the state in which the buyer lives.

We highly recommend having the California Car Bill of Sale notarized if it involves a high-priced item and especially if you are not familiar with the buyer. The notary will confirm the identity of both parties so both you and the buyer are more confident concluding the sale.

The bill of sale forms and templates available for free on this site are offered “as is” with no conveyed or expressed warranties of any sort of kind. This includes, but is not fixed to, warranty of fitness for any kind of particular usage or warranty of merchantability. It is your liability to ensure that the bill of sale is legally adequate for your requirements.

By downloading and using any bill of sale or other legal form offered on our website, you assume all liabilities and risks for use of the document. We do not assume any legal responsibility or liability for the accuracy or effectiveness of the legal forms. We will not be accountable for damages or compensation, whether direct, indirect, or incidental, arising from the loss of usage or revenue occurring out of or in connection with the use or execution of any legal form or form template offered on this website.


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