Free South Carolina Boat Bill of Sale

This free South Carolina Boat Bill of Sale documents the transition of ownership of a used vessel from the owner to the person buying it. The instrument is incredibly quick and easy to make out and is provided for download in Microsoft Word together with PDF.

South Carolina Boat Bill of Sale Form
South Carolina Boat Bill of Sale Form
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You can certainly print the instrument and instantly write the information in the blanks. You can similarly modify the form utilizing Microsoft Word or PDF editing software and enter the required information straight into the legal document. There are also areas for the boat’s motor and boat trailer. Either cross out the areas or write N/A if one or both are not incorporated in the purchase.

To register a used boat in the state of South Carolina you will need the following:

  1. Title from previous owner signed over to you
  2. South Carolina Watercraft and/or Outboard Motor Application
  3. South Carolina Boat Bill of Sale Form
  4. Valid form of identification

To make out the South Carolina boat bill of sale you will certainly be required to write out the name and address of both the purchaser and the current owner. For particulars of the boat you need to fill in the brand name or producer, overall length, and hull ID number. If you have them, there are likewise spots for the present title number and registration number. Naturally the documentation mentions that the boat is being offered as is, which implies the seller makes no representations regarding the condition or functionality of the vessel.

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As the seller of the vessel, it is important that you keep a hard copy of the bill of sale. Let’s think about the worst case situation. You happily sell the vessel for cash in hand and the purchaser leaves. He quickly puts the vessel in the closest body of water and strikes another boat or a swimmer. The boat is still legally registered in your name. Having the ability to supply the bill of sale might well keep you out of legal trouble.

You need to sign it and supply it to the new owner if the vessel has a state-issued title. The new owner will not be able to sign up the boat without the title. If the purchaser is expected to pay state sales tax on the acquisition, both the bill of sale and state-issued title might be needed at the tax office.

Click on the name of the bill of sale shown below to download and save the South Carolina Boat Bill of Sale in Microsoft Word format for completely free of charge. You may also create the South Carolina Boat Bill of Sale using our free fillable PDF version. The PDF has fillable fields into which you can type the required information.

WORD – South Carolina Boat Bill of Sale Word

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PDF – South Carolina Boat Bill of Sale PDF

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This South Carolina Boat Bill of Sale form was not fashioned by a legal representative or law practice. It is your obligation to establish if the instrument is properly suitable for your needs. If called for, you have to also make particular that the form is completed filled out as well as additionally notarized and/or witnessed.

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