Business Legal Forms

Business legal forms cover a wide variety of subjects. If you own a profitable business, chances are you already have an attorney on retainer. Our business legal forms are designed for single-member LLCs, small businesses, and other entities that can’t justify the expense of an on-staff lawyer.

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. Hiring an attorney to prepare a simple legal form is both cost-prohibitive and unncessary. Most states allow the business owner to prepare and submit the forms and documents required to legally operate a business.  Our business legal forms allow you to “fill in the blanks.” Enter the appropriate information into the blanks, proofread the form to double check the information, and then print it.

Below are the business legal forms we currently have available.

Annual Corporate Report Request Form
Business Loan Application Form
Buy-Sell Agreement Form
Commercial Lease Form
Confidentiality Agreement Form
Consignment Agreement Form
Consulting Agreement Form
Corporate Bylaws Form
Corporate Minutes Form
Corporate Proxy Form
Corporate Records Form
Demand For Payment Form
Employee Warning Form
Employment Agreement (Quick Form)
Employment Agreement (Standard Form)
Employment Application Form
Employment Confirmation Form
Employment Reference Request Form
Employment Verification Form
Equipment Lease Form
Freedom of Information Request Form
Independent Contractor Agreement Form
Lease Form (Commercial Property)
Lease Form (Equipment)
License Agreement Form
LLC Operating Agreement Form
Non-Compete Agreement Form
Nondisclosure Agreement Form
Notice of Corporate Meeting Form
Partnership Agreement Form
Promissory Note Form
Release of Employment Information Form
Request For Proposal Form
Subcontractor Agreement Form
Trademark Violation Notice Form
Unanimous Consent Form
Wavier of Notice of Corporate Meeting Form
Work For Hire Agreement Form
Work Injury Report Form