Free Vermont Codicil To Will Word

Vermont Codicil To Will Form Word
Vermont Codicil To Will Form Word
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You will be able to download this Vermont Codicil To Will document immediately. All of our legal forms are available for download FREE for up to seven days. Choose the “Free Downloads For 7 Days” button to get started. You can print the document as is and fill in the blanks or customize it.

This form generates a Codicil or amendment to a will. You cannot use it to create a new will from scratch. It is only to make modifications to an existing will.

This Word version of the Vermont Codicil To Will is FREE. For the PDF version of this document, visit our Vermont Codicil To Will – PDF page.

To customize this document using Microsoft Word or a similar editing program, here are a few tips:

  • Use a computer or laptop. The forms are rather difficult to use on a mobile device.
  • To delete a section, highlight it using your mouse, then delete it.
  • If you delete sections from the document and the sections are numbered, make sure your editing software correctly renumbered the sections.
  • If you’re not sure what information goes on a line, DO NOT GUESS. If the form is incorrectly filled out it could later be disputed in court.
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