Lease Agreement Forms

Rentals cover a variety of personal and commercial properties as well as machinery and equipment. All of our rental agreement forms can be modified to suit your needs. The forms were created in Microsoft Word. You can change the wording by deleting the old text and replacing it with your own. If a section or clause isn’t appropriate for your needs, simply delete it.

These rental agreement forms can be used for both commercial and residential properties. If know how to use a basic word processing program like Word, you can customize any of the forms to cover anything and everything you’d like. Perhaps your rental unit has an indoor swimming pool that you’d specifically like to include the rental agreement.

Most states do not have specific wording that must be included in a rental agreement. Real estate, automobiles, equipment, and other personal property belong exclusively to the owner. Within reason you establish the terms by which you’d like the renter to agree. Many landlords love pets while others adamantly prohibit them. Be sure to check with local officials to determine if any specific wording or clauses must be included in the rental agreement.

Below are the rental agreement forms we have available. Click the name of the form you’d like to download.

Commercial Property Lease Agreement Form

Complaint To Lessor Form

Demand For Lease Payment Form

Equipment Lease Agreement Form

Late Lease Payment Notice Form

Residential Lease Agreement Form – No Pets

Residential Lease Agreement Form – Pets Allowed

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