California Durable Power of Attorney Form


This absolutely free California Durable Power of Attorney Form can be downloaded or printed directly from our web site. This particular legal document is utilized to permit somebody else the authority to make personal financial choices on your behalf. It does not include medical-related decisions. The authority is thought of durable due to the fact that it continues even if you eventually are incapacitated, mentally or physically. The authority can subsequently be revoked whether your health enhances.

A durable power of attorney is in some states called a enduring or enduring power of attorney. Some states adopt different terms for the same instrument. It is necessary that you designate someone you can trust to be your legal agent or attorney-in-fact. The documentation enables you to specify on which matters the agent can legally represent you. This may include buying and selling real estate, handling your company possessions, receiving earnings to which you are entitled, and representing you in court cases. Carefully choose the person you select to represent you.

We supply the totally free California Durable Power of Attorney Form in Microsoft Word as well as a paid PDF form. The Word file will automatically download so check the folder where downloads are kept on your computer or mobile gadget. The PDF will open in a brand new window so you can print or keep it.


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California Durable Power of Attorney Form

Click the link beneath this paragraph to download the California Durable Power of Attorney Form in Microsoft Word for absolutely free. You may also create the California Durable Power of Attorney Form online for free using our free EZ Online Forms. The EZ Online Forms take all the uncertainty out of which information goes on what line. Answer the simple questions and your answers will be electronically filled into the completed form.

WORD California Durable Power of Attorney Form

PDF (fill-in-the-blanks) – California Durable Power of Attorney Form

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