Free Maryland Divorce Forms

Maryland offers two types of divorces – Absolute and Limited. Absolute divorce legally ends your marriage. It settles all issues, including debts and property. Once finalized, you and your ex-spouse are free to remarry.

Maryland Divorce Forms
Maryland Divorce Forms
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In a limited divorce, some important issues such as debts and assets are settled, but it does not legally end your marriage. You should file for a limited divorce if you and your spouse need the court to resolve issues such as child custody or division of assets before you are eligible for an absolute divorce.

Maryland offers a non-fault divorce. It can be granted if and only if you and your spouse mutually agree to end the marriage.

To file for divorce you will need the following Maryland divorce forms. You may not need to file all of the forms in every case.

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Maryland Civil Domestic Case Information Report

Maryland General Financial Statement

Maryland Affidavit of Service Certified Mail

Maryland Certificate of Service

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Maryland Request For Hearing or Proceeding

Maryland Parenting Plan Instructions

Maryland Parenting Plan Tool

Maryland Joint Statement of the Parties Concerning Decision-Making Authority and Parenting Time

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Maryland General Instructions For Family and Guardianship Forms

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