Personal Legal Forms

Lawyers are insanely overpaid. It  might cost $2,500 to have an attorney prepare a legal form or public notice that takes 20 minutes to complete. Fortunately for some of us, most states allow forms for which you “fill in the blanks.” All of our legal form templates were created in Microsoft Word. Enter the appropriate information into the blanks, proofread the form to double check the information, and then print it.

Below are the personal legal forms and documents we currently have available.

Bankruptcy Estimate Form

Challenge Credit Card Denial

Challenge Credit Denial

Challenge Loan Denial

Change Beneficiary On Insurance Policy

Child Care Authorization

Child Support Review Request

Complaint To Landlord Form

Credit Freeze Request Form

Credit Report Challenge Form

Credit Report Request Form

Debt Settlement Agreement

Demand For Alimony Payment

Demand For Child Support Payment

Employment Resignation Letter

Identify Theft Affidavit

Identify Theft Complaint to Attorney General

Letter of Resignation

Medical Records Request

Prenuptial Agreement

Report Lost or Stolen Credit Card

Request A Raise

Request Copy of Birth Certificate

Request Copy of Divorce

Request Copy of Marriage License

Request Copy Of School Transcripts

Stop Payment on Check Request

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