Free Business Agreements

Business agreements cover a wide variety of subjects from hiring an independent contractor to future business ventures. These forms can be completely customized using Microsoft Word or a PDF editing program. We highly recommend editing the document and typing the required information directly into the agreement. If you’re in a hurry you can print the document and fill in the blanks.

Business agreements don’t need to be notarized but we highly recommend it. If you decide to not have the agreement notarized, then have at least have the signatures witnessed by two individuals not associated with you, your company, or the signer. If the other person claims he or she never signed the agreement, the witness may need to be called into court.

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Example of Business Agreement

Business Agreements
Business Agreements

Business Agreement Forms

Below are the business agreement forms we currently have available.

Advertising & Marketing Agreement

Confidentiality Agreement

Consignment Agreement

Consulting Agreement

Domain Name Assignment Agreement

Franchise Agreement

General Assignment Agreement

Independent Contractor Agreement

Joint Venture Agreement

Joint Venture Amendment Agreement

License Agreement

Management Agreement

Manufacturing Agreement

Non-Compete Agreement

Nondisclosure Agreement

Partnership Agreement

Photography Services Agreement

Research & Development Agreement

Sales Representative Agreement

Standstill Agreement

Subcontractor Agreement

Trademark License Agreement

Work For Hire Agreement

This free business agreement forms in addition to numerous other legal files rendered on this online site are rendered “as is” with no express or implied warranties. This includes things like, yet is not narrowed to, warranty of merchantability or fitness for any type of sort of particular use.

The business agreement forms were not created by legal professional or law practice. If the file is legally ideal for your demands, it is your responsibility to figure out. You need to furthermore make certain that the form is properly filled in and additionally witnessed if needed.

As a webpage visitor of this web site, you assume all culpability along with responsibility for executing and employing the business agreement forms. We do not assume any type of legal liability or obligation for the accuracy or functionality of the legal instrument.

By transferring, printing, or implementing these business agreement forms, you recognize that we will not be held responsible for losses or damages, whether indirect or absolute, as a result of the loss of use or loss of revenues occurring from the use or signing of the legal forms or the form templates offered on this web page.

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