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A confidentiality agreement is normally required when an owner has property or intellectual rights that must be kept secure at all times. The last thing you want is someone learning your trade secrets or production methods then becoming a competitor. This agreement will hold up in court as long as you specify which information must be held in confidence.

A confidentiality agreement is sometimes referred to an NDA or non-disclosure agreement. In some areas it is also called a silence agreement. This type of agreement is most often used when two parties agree to work together but wish to protect the business practices, procedures, and practices of one party or the other.

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Our confidentiality agreement forms can be personalized using Microsoft Word or any PDF editing software. You may want to include conditions or clauses that are not currently in the document. Simply edit the document and make it your own.

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Confidentiality Agreements All States
Confidentiality Agreements All States

Confidentiality Agreement Forms

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