Glossary: Fillable PDF

A fillable PDF has fields into which you can type the required information. There’s no need to print the document and fill in the blanks by hand. Type the information directly into the form.

In order for the fillable fields to accept information, you must have a PDF reader installed on your computer or mobile device. Most mobile devices do not come with a PDF reader installed by the manufacturer.

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To move quickly between fields on a fillable PDF using a desktop, use the tab key. This will cause the mouse to move to the next fillable field.

Fillable PDFs are nearly impossible to use on a mobile device, especially a phone. While the forms can be used on a phone, we highly recommend using a desktop or laptop.

In order to save a fillable PDF and fill it out later, you must save the document to your computer or mobile device. Be sure to resave the document each type you enter information. Otherwise the information you enter will be lost.

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