Free Printable Washington Divorce Papers

To file for divorce in the state of Washington you must meet the following conditions:

  • You are married legally or through common law marriage in another state or country. The state of Washington itself does not recognize a common law marriage.
  • You or your spouse live here and plan to remain the state, or you are in the military and will be stationed here for at least 90 days after you file and serve your divorce petition.
  • You or your spouse believe the marriage is permanently broken.
  • You must file and serve the Summons and divorce petition properly.
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Washington is unique in that it does not have a residency requirement in order to file for divorce. Some states require you to live in the state for at least a year. Washington has no residency requirement. Technically you can file for divorce the day you move into the state.

Example of Washington Petition For Divorce

State of Washington Divorce Papers
State of Washington Divorce Papers

Washington Divorce Papers

You will need the following Washington divorce papers to file for divorce. Additional forms may be required to continue the case.

Washington Divorce Summons

Washington Petition For Divorce (Dissolution)

Washington Divorce Confidential Information Sheet

Washington Certificate of Dissolution

Washington Divorce Proof of Personal Service

Washington Agreement To Join Petition

Washington Divorce Service Accepted

Washington Divorce Notice of Hearing

Washington Divorce Financial Declaration

Washington Final Divorce Order

Washington Child Support Order

Washington Parenting Plan

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