Free Do-It-Yourself Will Kit

We offer the Free Do-It-Yourself Will Kit for both married and single persons. This is a standard will, which is called a “last will and testament.” The will specifies how the person’s assets will be distributed and who will be in charge of administering the estate. The will is fairly straightforward and easy to complete. It is our recommended Do-It-Yourself Will Kit For Seniors.

Do-It-Yourself Will Kits

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We offer the do-it-yourself will kit in both PDF and Microsoft Word. Both versions are free, as is every other form on our site. Choose the form that you’d like to download free.

Do-It-Yourself Will Kit For Married Person

Example of Last Will and Testament

Do-It-Yourself Will Kit For Single Person

Do It Yourself Will Kit
Do It Yourself Will Kit

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I write my own will at home?

Yes, you can write your own will as long as it follows the standard requirements. Among other requirements, the will must be in writing (or typed), it must be signed by you, and two persons not related to you or named as beneficiaries in the will must witness you signing the will. You must be mentally capable of understanding what the will is and you must be signing it voluntarily, without influence from anyone. Additionally, to be a “last will and testament”, the beginning of the will must state that it revokes all other wills and codicils you might have already executed.

Does Walmart sell do-it-yourself will kits?

This was a question we found online and immediately had to Google it. Yes, Walmart sells fancy do-it-yourself will kits. You can also find them on Staples, eBay and even Amazon. The cost of the kits varies anywhere from $14 to $50. To justify the cost, the sellers include beautifully printed brochures on what to expect when a loved one passes away.

Is the do-it-yourself will kit legal?

Absolutely! The kit is legal. Preparing your own will is legal. However, to ensure that the will itself is prepared properly, be sure to check the Will Signing Requirements By State listed below. While most states allow a will to be witnessed by two persons, the state of Louisiana also requires that it be notarized.

Why do some lawyers recommend not using a do-it-yourself will kit?

Lawyers make money providing legal advice and preparing legal documents. It’s not unusual for an attorney to charge $1000+ to prepare a simple will. While most younger lawyers are aware that just about everything is available online, some believe attorneys should be used to prepare all legal documents. The availability of online legal forms is taking cash out of the pockets of many family planning and estate attorneys.

Will Signing Requirements By State

Alabama Code Title 43two witnesses
Alaska Statutes Title 13two witnesses
Arizona Revised Statutes Title 14two witnesses
Arkansas Code 28two witnesses
California Probate Code 6110two witnesses
Colorado Revised Statutes Title 15two witnesses or notary
Connecticut Statutes Chapter 802atwo witnesses
Delaware Code Title 12 Chapter 2two witnesses
Florida Statutes Title LXII Chapter 732 Part Vtwo witnesses
Georgia Code Title 53two witnesses
Hawaii Revised Statutes Title 30A Article II Part 5two witnesses
Idaho Code Title 15 Chapter 2two witnesses
Illinois Compiled Statutes Chapter 755 ILCS 5/4two witnesses
Indiana Code Title 29 Article 1two witnesses
Iowa Code Chapter 633 Subchapter VItwo witnesses
Kansas Statutes Chapter 59 Article 6two witnesses
Kentucky Revised Statutes Chapter 394two witnesses
Louisiana Revised Statutes Article 1577two witnesses and notary
Maine Statutes Title 18-A Article 2 Part 5two witnesses
Maryland Estates & Trusts Code Title 4two witnesses
Massachusetts General Law c.190B Article 2:501 – 2:517two witnesses
Michigan Compiled Laws Chapter 700, Act 386 of 1998, Article IItwo witnesses
Minnesota Statutes Chapter 524, Article 2, Part 5two witnesses
Mississippi Code Title 91, Chapter 5two witnesses
Missouri Revised Statutes Title XXXi, Chapter 474two witnesses
Montana Code Annotated Chapter 2, Part 5two witnesses
Nebraska Revised Statute Chapter 30two witnesses
Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 133two witnesses
New Hampshire Revised Statutes TItle LVI Chapter 551two witnesses
New Jersey Statutes Title 3Btwo witnesses
New Mexico Statutes Chapter 45two witnesses
New York Consolidated Laws EPT Article 3, Part 2two witnesses
North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 31two witnesses
North Dakota Century Code Chapter 30two witnesses
Ohio Revised Code Title 21, Chapter 2107two witnesses
Oklahoma Statutes Title 84two witnesses
Oregon Revised Statutes Vol 3, Title 12, Chapter 112two witnesses
Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes Title 20, Chapter 25two witnesses
Rhode Island General Laws Title 33, Chapter 5two witnesses
South Carolina Code of Laws Title 62two witnesses
South Dakota Codified Laws Chapter 29A-2two witnesses
Tennessee Code Title 32two witnesses
Texas Codes TItle 2, Chapter 251, Subchapter Atwo witnesses
Utah Code Title 75, Chapter 2, Part 5two witnesses
Vermont Statutes Annotated Title 14, Chapter 1two witnesses
Virginia Code Title 64.2, Subtitle 2, Chapter 4two witnesses
Washington Revised Code, Title 11, Chapter 11.12two witnesses
West Virginia Code Chapter 41two witnesses
Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 853two witnesses
Wyoming General Statutes, Title 2, Chapter 6two witnesses

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