Free Printable Ohio Trust Forms

Our Ohio trust forms are available FREE in both Microsoft Word and PDF format. If necessary you can edit and customize the forms using an appropriate document editing program. If the document is acceptable as is (which most are), you can print the form and fill in the blanks.

The most common trust in Ohio is the revocable living trust. This type of trust allows the grantor to place certain assets into the trust and make disbursements from any profits the assets might generate. If the assets require a title, you must re-title the property or other assets in the name of the trust.

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Example of Ohio Trust Form

Ohio Trust Forms
Ohio Trust Forms

Printable Ohio Trust Forms

Printable Ohio Living Trust Amendment Form – This document can be used to make a change or amendment to a living trust that you previously established. Only the original grantor of the trust can amend it.

Printable Ohio Declaration of Trust Form – This form is used to create a new trust. The trust is revocable and can be cancelled by the original grantor at any time before his or her death.

Printable Ohio Joint Living Trust Form – This legal document can be executed by two persons to create a living trust. Although the form is worded for a husband and wife, it can be changed using the appropriate editing software. The persons creating the trust do not need to be husband and wife.

Printable Ohio Revocable Living Trust Form – Use the form is create a new living trust that can be revoked at any time by the original grantor. A living trust cannot be revoked or terminated once the original grantor dies.

Printable Ohio Revocation of Living Trust Form – This is one of the easiest legal forms we offer. It is used to terminate or revoke a living trust. The trust cannot be revoked once the original grantor has passed away.

Printable Ohio Revocation of Trust Form – Revoking a trust is simple. Only the original grantor or grantors can revoke the trust. In the case of a joint trust, the original declaration of trust should specify whether revocation requires can be achieved by a single grantor or if it requires all of the original grantors to consent to the termination.

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