Free Printable Power of Attorney Templates

All of our Power of Attorney Templates are free, as are all templates and forms we offer. The free Power of Attorney templates are printable and are available for free download in both PDF and Microsoft Word. A template is intended to be edited and customized. If the template suits your needs as is, simply print it once it’s saved to your computer or mobile device.

In most states the Power of Attorney templates can be witnessed by two persons or notarized by a notary public. In Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina the Power of Attorney must be witness as well as notarized. If you live in Louisiana, check with a local attorney before executing a power of attorney. In Louisiana, a power of attorney is called either a Mandate, a Procuration, or a Representation, depending on the purpose. If you live in any other state, check the signing requirements for your state in the Power of Attorney Requirements For Each State section below.

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Example of Power of Attorney Template

Free Power of Attorney Templates
Free Power of Attorney Templates

The PDF versions of the Power of Attorney templates are fillable PDFs. You can type the required information directly into the template and avoid having to write everything by hand. In order to use the template as a fillable PDF, you will need PDF reader software installed on your computer or mobile device.

If you don’t need to edit or customize the power of attorney template, save the document then print it as is. The PDF document is the easiest to print. Most mobile devices won’t allow you to save or print a Word document unless you have an appropriate document editing program installed on the device. By comparison, the PDF is easier to print and the Microsoft Word document is easier to edit.

Printable Power of Attorney Templates

Select the appropriate file to download the Power of Attorney template of your choice. You will be directed to another page where you can choose either the Microsoft Word or fillable PDF. Both versions are free.

Printable Durable Power of Attorney Template

Printable Financial Power of Attorney Template

Printable General Power of Attorney Template

Printable Limited Power of Attorney Template

Printable Medical Power of Attorney Template

Printable Power of Attorney Template

Printable Special Power of Attorney Template

Printable Temporary Power of Attorney Template

Power of Attorney Signing Requirements By State

Two witnesses but no notary are required for a power of attorney in
Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Georgia, Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New York, Oregon, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin

Two witnesses OR a notary are required for a power of attorney in
Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Dakota, Ohio, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Wyoming

Two witnesses and a notary are required for a power of attorney in

Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, North Carolina

We are required to include the following legal disclaimers:

The Power of Attorney Templates were created by a skilled and seasoned businessman, not an attorney or law firm. It is your responsibility to determine if the legal document meets the requirements of the state in which it is being signed.

We highly recommend having the Power of Attorney notarized, especially if required by the laws of your state. If you’re not sure whether the form should be witnessed, notarized, or both, check with local attorney in your state.

The Power of Attorney templates available for free on this site are offered “as is” with no conveyed or expressed warranties of any sort of kind. This includes, but is not fixed to, warranty of fitness for any kind of particular usage or warranty of merchantability. It is your liability to ensure that the document is legally adequate for your requirements.

By downloading and using any legal form offered on our website, you assume all liabilities and risks for use of the document. We do not assume any legal responsibility or liability for the accuracy or effectiveness of the legal forms. We will not be accountable for damages or compensation, whether direct, indirect, or incidental, arising from the loss of usage or revenue occurring out of or in connection with the use or execution of any legal form or form template offered on this website.

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