Generic Bill of Sale Form


The Generic bill of sale documents the transfer of ownership of personal property from one party to another. This form should not be used for motor vehicles or boats. The form allows you to identify the type of property being sold with up to four lines of descriptive text.

Do you positively need to have the Generic bill of sale? Maybe not but you really should generally protect yourself. As the seller, why would you let someone else take property that could legally be traced back to you? You might possibly have to have that bill of sale as confirmation that you passed on ownership to somebody else. As the buyer, you need to always expect a bill of sale. The Generic bill of sale will be your best defense if there’s any sort of doubt over the ownership or transfer of the property.

We supply the completely free Generic Bill of Sale Form in Microsoft Word and PDF types. The Word file will immediately download so examine the folder where downloads are saved on your computer system or mobile phone. The PDF will open in a new window so you can print or download and install it.

What are fillable PDFs? A fillable PDF has actually areas called fields into which you can directly type the necessary details. Simply tap in the field and type in the required info. Our coders invested a great deal of time developing the 180+ fillable PDFs that we provide and are actively working on adding more.


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Click the hyperlink shown below to download and read the Generic Bill of Sale Form in Microsoft Word or PDF type totally free. Members also have access to our comprehensive library of Fillable PDFs as well as our Online Form Creator. The Online Form Creator takes all the guessing out of which info goes on what line.

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We should incorporate the list below legal disclaimers:

This Generic bill of sale was produced by a knowledgeable and experienced businessman, not an attorney or legal expert. Many states do not have specific requirements for a bill of sale unless it is for an automobile, boat, or other property that directs a title required by the state.

We strongly would suggest having the Generic bill of sale notarized by a notary public, especially if you are not friends with the other celebration involved in the sale. The notary will verify the identity of both the buyer and the seller so both of the parties are more confident completing the sale.

The Generic bill of sale and other legal forms available on this site are offered “as is” with no conveyed or suggested warranties of any type of kind. This includes, but is not restricted to, warranty of fitness for any type of specific use or warranty of merchantability. If the Generic Bill of Sale Form is legally adequate for your needs, it is your responsibility to identify.

By saving or utilizing the Generic bill of sale, you assume all liabilities and risks for using the file. We do not assume any kind of legal responsibility or liability for the precision or usefulness of this legal form. We will not be liable for damages or financial compensation, whether direct, indirect, or incidental, resulting from the loss of usage or revenue occurring out of or in connection with the usage or execution of the Generic bill of sale or any sort of other legal form or form design template made available on this website.

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