Glossary: Durable

The term durable is usually used in reference to a power of attorney. In some states is referred to as an enduring or lasting power of attorney. Durable means the authority remains in effect even if you are found to be physically or mentally unable to make decisions for yourself.

A Durable Power of Attorney is among the most crucial legal documents anybody can have in effect in case they are not able to look after themselves. A Durable Power of Attorney serves as a consent slip, providing permission to a 3rd party to make decisions on behalf of somebody else who can not do it on their own.

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The Durable Power of Attorney might really well avoid you from having to be proclaimed mentally incompetent in court if you something unfortunate occurs to you. An easily completed power of attorney can definitely save you humiliation, cash, and time, and achieve all the things that you require to continue to function as an individual.

Most health care or medical powers of attorney are durable. If you’re considering executing either of these documents, check to see if it is durable.

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