Utility Trailer Bill of Sale Form


The Utility Trailer bill of sale documents the transfer of ownership of a used utility trailer from the Seller to the Buyer. This form is specifically worded for the sale of a utility trailer. We offer other specialized bills of sale such as the boat trailer bill of sale, horse trailer bill of sale, and travel trailer bill of sale.

Do you absolutely require the utility trailer bill of sale? Maybe not however you should really generally cover yourself. As the seller, why would you let someone else take an item that could legally be traced back to you? You may possibly require that bill of sale as confirmation that you transferred ownership to another person. As the purchaser, you ought to definitely request a bill of sale. If there’s any kind of doubt over the ownership or transfer of the property, the utility trailer bill of sale will be your best defense.

We supply the totally free utility trailer Bill of Sale Form in Microsoft Word and PDF files. The Word file will automatically download so check the folder where downloads are saved on your computer or mobile device. The PDF will open in a new window so you can print or download it.

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We need to include the following legal jargon:

This utility trailer bill of sale was produced by a skilled and skilled businessman, not an attorney or legal specialist. A lot of states do not have individual requirements for a bill of sale unless it is for a motor vehicle, boat, or other property that instructs a title issued by the state in which the buyer lives.

We absolutely suggest having the utility trailer bill of sale notarized by a notary public, especially if you are not friends with the other party involved in the sale. The notary will confirm the identity of both the prospective buyer and the seller so both the buyer and seller are more at ease concluding the sale.

The utility trailer bill of sale and other legal forms offered on this website are provided “as is” with no express or indicated warranties of any type of kind. This includes, however is not narrowed to, warranty of fitness for any type of specific use or warranty of merchantability. If the utility trailer Bill of Sale Form is lawfully adequate for your particular situation, it is your responsibility to identify.

By saving or utilizing the utility trailer bill of sale, you assume all accountabilities and risks for making use of the file. We do not assume any type of legal obligation or liability for the accuracy or effectiveness of this legal form. We will not be responsible for damages or monetary compensation, whether direct, indirect, or incidental, resulting from the loss of usage or profit arising out of or in connection with the usage or execution of the utility trailer bill of sale or any other legal form or kind design template made available on this website.

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